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    During your entire pregnancy we are here for both ultrasounds at your own request and ultrasounds by referral. Focus Midwifery Centre is located in Utrecht and is a partnership between 6 midwifery practices.

    We work with the latest equipment (3D and 4D live) and experienced ultrasound technicians for an ultimate ultrasound experience. We perform more than 3000 ultrasounds a year; we guarantee the highest quality ultrasounds.



    • In case of a cold cough and/or fever, the appointment must be canceld, if you are free of symptoms for >24 hours, the ultrasound can still be performed.
    • Ultrasound at 20 weeks; no more than one person to the appointment, all other appointments you come alone.‚Äč
    • Upon entering, we ask you to wash or disinfect your hands with the appropriate disinfectant in the waiting room.
    • We ask you to use your own mouth and nose mask inside Focus, both in the waiting room and in the ultrasound room.

    Thank you for your understanding


    Types of Ultrasounds   Make Appointment

    Early ultrasound

    7+0 - 10+0 weeks

    During an early ultrasound we check if the pregnancy is located within the uterus, if it is a single or multiple conceptions and if the heart is beating.

    More information about this ultrasound by referral or by request

    Dating ultrasound

    10+0 - 12+6 weeks

    The goal of this ultrasound is to calculate how far along you are with the pregnancy (the date of conception) and to estimate your due date.

    More information about this ultrasound by referral

    Sex determination ultrasound

    14+ weeks

    Are you excited to find out and do not want to wait until the 20 week ultrasound? From 14 weeks it is possible to determine the sex of your baby.

    More information about this ultrasound by request

    20 week ultrasound

    19+0 - 21+0 weeks

    The 20 week ultrasound is an extensive medical ultrasound between 19 and 21 weeks where possible congenital abnormalities are examined.

    More information about this ultrasound by referral

    2D ultrasound

    24+ weeks

    If you would like to have another look at the position and growth of your baby, you can book a 2D ultrasound appointment with us.

    More information about this ultrasound by request

    3D/4D ultrasound

    24 - 30 weken

    Would you like to see your baby move live on screen and really get an impression of what he or she will look like?

    More information about this ultrasound by request

    Ultrasound on medical indication

    7+0 - 40+0 weeks

    During your pregnancy different reasons can be used for your midwife to refer you for a medical ultrasound. Examples are monitoring the growth of the baby or the location of the placenta.

    More information about this ultrasound by referral


    From 10 weeks after the birth

    You can have either a hormonal or the non hormonal copper coil fitted here at Focus.

    More information about contraception

    Anticonceptie afbeelding