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    Which IUD/IUS is best suited to me?

    If you do not yet know which IUD/IUS you want to have fitted, you can find information on our website or via: If you are unable to find an answer, you can contact your local GP for more information and help with your choice.

    Can the IUD/IUS be placed while I am breastfeeding?

    Yes. Both the hormone-containing IUS and the copper IUD can be fitted while you are breastfeeding. However, the uterus is slightly softer due to breastfeeding, which we take into account during fitting. If we think it's not advisable to fit the IUD/IUS, we will stop the procedure and reschedule it at a later time.

    At what time after your pregnancy can the IUD/IUS be fitted?

    The IUD/IUS can be fitted from 10-12 weeks after your pregnancy. This is the standard at our clinic for either a vaginal delivery and after a caesarean section.

    Do I have to have the IUD/IUS fitted during my period?

    This is sometimes preferable since your cervix is ​​a bit softer and the fitting of the IUD/IUS is usually easier. But it certainly doesn't have to. We recommend that you take a painkiller before the fitting.

    Will I get an ultrasound after the fitting of the IUD/IUS?

    An ultrasound is made both before and after the fitting of the IUD/IUS. Before the fitting, we look at the position of the uterus and whether there are any visible details that could influence the fitting. Afterwards we look to assess whether the IUD/IUS is in the correct position in the uterus.

    Are the costs for the IUD/IUS and it’s fitting reimbursed?

    The fitting of the IUD/IUS is reimbursed in most cases, since the fitting falls under the basic health insurance. You must first pay the costs of the IUD/IUS yourself. You can submit the invoice to your own health insurance company afterwards. With some health insurance companies, the costs of the fitting are deducted from your excess. Always check in advance what you can expect from your health insurance.

    What should I do if I continue to experience problems or bleeding after the IUD/IUS has been fitted?

    It is normal that you can experience abdominal cramps or a nagging feeling in the lower abdomen after the fitting. This is usually short-lived. In addition, during the first three to six months after the fitting, you may experience some problems with irregular and/or extra blood loss and abdominal cramps. Contact your local GP if you have any questions or encounter problems.

    Are children allowed during the appointment?

    It is preferable to come without your baby during the fitting of the IUD/IUS since it can cause extra stress or tension when your baby is restless. This stress could prevent a successful fitting. You cannot bring your children with you if they are ill or have other infectious ailments: they could infect pregnant women.

    How do you know if the IUD/IUS is in the right position?

    Immediately after the fitting, an ultrasound is done to see if the IUD/IUS is in the right position. You can come back for a check-up appointment around 6 weeks after the fitting or subsequently after your first menstrual period. The position of the IUD/IUS will be checked again through a vaginal ultrasound.

    Is it possible to get a PAP smear test done in regards to the public health screening?

    Unfortunately this is NOT possible. This is done via your local GP or via ways explained in the public health screening leaflet.

    Is it possible to do an STD test at the clinic?

    This is possible at our clinic. The test will be done during the IUD/IUS fitting. You will then receive the results within 3 working days from the research center to which the test has been sent. The costs for this are €80.