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    What clients say about us

    “Nice space. Good equipment. Reliable ultrasound technician.” – Nov 2021

    “My partner and I were on our way home with tears of happiness in our eyes. We were so reassured. Had no more questions. Really great, looking forward to the next ultrasound.” - Nov 2021

    “Beautiful rooms, nice to have such a big screen that you can watch!” – Nov 2021

    “Because of my history, I was quite nervous and I was always helped very well. I feel very comfortable and everything is explained very clearly.” - Nov 2021

    “Very nice ultrasounds so far. Nice to see that enthusiasm. Pleasant treatment.” - Nov 2021

    “I found the online appointment system very useful and we really liked the large screen, everything was easy to see.” – October 2021

    “Sweet, careful sonographer.” - October 2021

    “Both the space and your employees radiate tranquility, a nice place for the ultrasounds (also planned my last ultrasound with you, despite the fact that I now live in Zeist instead of Utrecht).” - October 2021

    “There is a great atmosphere at Focus. I felt at ease there.” – October 2021

    “The practice gives me a lot of confidence that an ultrasound is performed with care and that the ultrasound technician is knowledgeable. The practice has a professional appearance and I really like that.” – September 2021

    “Thank you for making this a good experience!” – September 2021

    Yes the quality of the lady who did the ultrasound made me feel so comfortable and came home with no questions asked. I could have asked all the questions and got good answers. Really great!” – September 2021

    “The sonographer really knew what she was talking about. The enthusiasm of the profession (go wild with images you see) were very real and sincere. Very nice to see and experience.” – September 2021

    “Compassionate and professional.” – September 2021

    “The sonographer explained a lot at the 20-week ultrasound. She told us exactly what she saw and immediately gave us some biology lessons. This was much appreciated!” – September 2021

    “Very knowledgeable sonographer. Nice desk employee who thinks along well and is genuinely interested in how you are doing.” – September 2021

    “Everyone was so nice and involved and the lady who did the ultrasound was so nice and kind and spontaneous. She made it 100 times better. Was really happy with this experience. Thank you! “– July 2021

    “Glad that I was able to go on such short notice! Great service!” – July 2021

    “We were received very friendly in the beautiful practice. And during the fun ultrasound to discover the gender, plenty of time was taken to also view the little one! We thought it was a very nice experience!” – July 2021

    “Very nice experience. A lot of information, but in a very nice way.” – July 2021

    “It was nice that everything was told and explained in detail, she reassured me enormously because I was quite tense. She also kept the gender well hidden... we had received something very surprising in our envelope :).” – June 2021

    “I really liked the service and I appreciated the good English of the sonographer.” – June 2021

    “Very good communication and good time was taken to explain everything a bit, I left with a very satisfied feeling.” – June 2021

    “Very nice place. I felt very comfortable and the sonographer was very very kind and professional. The location is clean and easy to find.” – June 2021

    “Great reminders, contact and good information!”- May 2021

    “Our sonographer was really great. She was direct, spoke with a lot of knowledge, could answer all questions without a doubt and was also pleasant.” – April 2021

    “Fine explanation, good equipment and sharp images so that we (not medically trained) were able to follow everything properly.” – April 2021

    “Don't have to wait long. Appointments are right on time.” – April 2021

    “Very nice quiet environment, exudes confidence and everyone was very nice. It was also nice that the ultrasound technician continuously explained what she saw and really took us into her findings." - April 2021

    “Beautiful space and very nice that there is such a large screen. It is also nice that the partner can be there. Valuable echo and the USB stick is also great!” – April 2021