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    Early ultrasound
    6+ weeks
    At Focus Midwifery Centre we offer the option of an early ultrasound to check on the baby’s heartbeat early on in the pregnancy.
    15 min
    Costs: € 35
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    Sex determination ultrasound
    14+ weeks
    At Focus Midwifery Centre it is possible to have a sex determination ultrasound from 14 weeks. Are you excited to find out and do not want to wait until the 20 week ultrasound?
    15 min
    Costs: € 27,50
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    2D ultrasound (short version)
    24+ weeks
    If you would like to have another look at the position and growth of your baby, you can book a 2D ultrasound appointment with us.
    15 min
    Costs: € 35,00
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    3D/4D ultrasound (short version)
    25 - 29 weeks
    Would you like to see your baby move live on screen and really get an impression of what he or she will look like? Then make an appointment for a 3D / 4D ultrasound (by request).
    30 min
    Costs: € 90,00
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