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    Early ultrasound
    7+ weeks
    It may be that your midwife will refer you for an early ultrasound during the early stages of your pregnancy.
    15 min
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    What is an early ultrasound?

    Sometimes your midwife may decide to refer you for an early ultrasound. During an early ultrasound we check if the pregnancy is located within the uterus, if it is a single or multiple conceptions and if the heart is beating.  In addition we check if the uterus and ovaries appear normal.

    It is optional to have this ultrasound from 6 weeks of pregnancy. We advise however to schedule this at 7 weeks as it allows us to provide a clearer answer about the viability of the pregnancy.  Please note that all ultrasounds before 10 weeks are performed internally as this way gives a more detailed image of the pregnancy. 

    If your midwife has referred you because of a medical indication, this ultrasound is covered by your health insurance. 

    Of course it is possible to have this ultrasound without a referral but you would need to pay these costs yourself prior to the examination. 

    Beforehand you can purchase a USB stick from us which allows you to take your ultrasound images home.